Charm was established in 1992 to deliver the charming and practical cosmetic products to the ladies all over the world, who want to charming. The company motto is "always try to develop new products" and it is proved by diverse patents for a utility model.


Yes, originally the company was started in 1984 as a factory under the name of Sung Jin that manufactured Cosmetic brushes and has started export directly in 1986. Due to the rapid growth and globalization to meet the requirement of the times, the company had been divided into two divisions. One was for production line under the name of Sung Jin and the other was for trading and marketing division under the name of Charm.

In 1994 the factory had been moved from Korea to China to offer much competitive prices to the customers. Even though all factory facilities were moved to China, the headquarter is still in Korea and controls all the exportation done in China as well as communication with customers.


Cosmetic Brushes are our main products which occupy 70% of our volume. We produce a full line of cosmetic brushes from demonstration items to high quality products for professional uses. Main brands we have been supplying are Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, Lancome, Christian Dior, YSL, Avon, Shiseido and various global cosmetics companies.

Cosmetic Containers and Components are our secondary products.They have been developed by our own technical expert and customized by the request of customers. We are very proud of high quality for injection molding and each mold made by our own tool shop. Cosmetic containers and components we producing are :

-  Compacts

-  Cosmetic Jars

-  Lipstick cases

-  Cosmetic Mirrors

-  Mechanical Lip pencils